September Newsletter and August Overview

Photo Shoots with Danielle and Tony

I had a second photo shoot with Danielle this month. If you scroll down to my links, you can read the full article I wrote on my blog about the concepts we are working on for her portraits.

I also had a photo shoot with my first male model who is a costume and mask maker. He’s using the photos we took to promote his character on a local haunted trail and I took the opportunity to shoot photos of one of my favorite places in Athens. I hope to write about that on the blog this month.

OCAF Notification

I submitted the last three of my Americana #byrdhouses to an upcoming collage and assemblage show at OCAF in Watkinsville and was pleased to be notified that all were accepted. I’m dropping them off on Tuesday and taking the opportunity to view the annual Perspectives Pottery Show with my friend Debra. I’m also planning to purchase a membership to the facility as the first step in becoming actively involved in the Athens art community. Thank you so much to all of my patrons for making this possible.

Hudgens Submission

I submitted my lotus assemblage, Rising from the Mud to the annual Hudgens Center Members show. I will post an announcement in my October newsletter if the piece is accepted.

Tavern Sign and Marketing

I have made excellent progress on my tavern sign this month. I expect to have it completed by the end of September.

I have also reached a point where I have decided to start actively marketing my art and providing an assortment of merchandise options. This has required a lot of hours researching options and pricing. I have ordered some print on demand shirts for events and should be working on my first sticker design soon. If you have any suggestions for merchandise, please feel free to contact me with your ideas.

Patreon Subscriptions

I sent my Patreon subscriptions out on time again this month. Being able to develop a consistent schedule and work in an uninterrupted studio have made a huge impact on meeting deadlines. My note cards for this month were printed from a block I carved in college almost 25 years ago. The Greek fish design based on a vase painting remains one of my favorite prints.

Artist Residency at Wood, Metal, Clay

I will be at Wood, Metal, Clay until September 30. This artist residency has been an amazing experience for which I am very grateful. In my time at the showroom studio I have completed two commissions and multiple personal projects, developed more efficient studio and marketing practices, established relationships in the community, and set up many new concepts and future projects.
I am currently preparing for events through the end of November and setting up several new concepts to work on simultaneously, including the launch of my #wildwomanportraits and #unconventionalwomanportraits in oils.

Upcoming Events

Madison Co. Senior Center

Senior Center Advisory Council (@madicoseniorcenter_council) • Instagram photos and videos

Saturday, September 11 from 8am – noon

Mental Health in Action Expo

Tuesday, November 30 from 10am – 3pm in the Athens Technical College Student Center

I will post links as they become available.


Work in Progress Updates

New Studio and Project Updates – Frances Byrd Art (

Mermaid and MMA Photo Shoots with Danielle

New Series Preview: Danielle – Frances Byrd Art (

Self-Evaluation Pt1

Self-Evaluation and Accountability…. – Frances Byrd Art (

Self-Evaluation Pt2

Self-Evaluation and Accountability Pt.2 – Frances Byrd Art (

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