New Series Preview: Danielle

I'm currently working on a tavern style sign to promote my public studio as well as inventory for an upcoming open house. I hope to have another completed commission to share with you next weekend.Until then, here's a preview of my photo shoot with Danielle yesterday. In addition to the fight promotion photos I'm sharing … Continue reading New Series Preview: Danielle

Pinup Girls Rock

Last weekend, I had an amazing day out with my #wildwomanportrait partner and best friend, Katie Griffin. She's also the extraordinary photographer behind 12 Gage Photography. Neither one of us is good at engaging in creative activities that are not also work, so I was really excited about this opportunity. Makeup by Sweet Peach Pinups … Continue reading Pinup Girls Rock

Photos from Friends: Blue Montana Skies

Somewhere in Montana ... Photos By Michael Prescott **All photos are property of the artist credited and are being used here with full permission. Making copies or downloading images is not permitted** Photos from Friends Over the years I've been sharing my art and writing on social media, I have made several friends who have supported … Continue reading Photos from Friends: Blue Montana Skies