Wild Woman Portraits


Artist Statement

This preliminary body of work is as much a glimpse into my private process as it is a presentation of conceptual art investigating the social strata of what it means to be a modern woman. My inspiration comes from personal experiences, interviews with my models, pop culture, legends, history, and my imagination.

The sketchbook pages shown here are an illustration of my journey from initial concept to an elaborate visual story. They represent countless hours of contemplation, research, and development that resonate from the intricacies and hidden layers of concept that will influence the more refined portfolio of #wildwoman portraits that I plan to create with different media fitting the subject of each individual concept. Most importantly, they are the manifestation of my effort to ‘loosen up’ and capture my ideas while they are fresh in my mind, rather than agonizing over each minute detail.

Ideas that sprout from a tiny seed of inspiration – a word, a color, a song lyric, the way light plays over an object, or the persistent memories of childhood trauma that occasionally rear their heads and threaten to derail my well-being and productivity – often grow into enormously complex stories depicted in symbolism, color choices, and methods of rendering.

This new process of capturing the core idea in its delicate, fleeting stage, is enabling me to embark on a new journey of self-discovery, shared introspection, and meaningful works of art that have the potential to be the best work I have ever created. I have found invaluable inspiration in private conversations with other women in my circle of friends and the community at large, and been overwhelmed by the sheer emotion inspired in others by my personal concept for a series of portraits depicting the modern “Wild Woman” archetype. With the help of my best friend, and talented photographer, I has staged and shot several photo shoots, both individual and group, to acquire a base portfolio of reference models for my initial concepts.

Each woman brings a distinct personality, unique beauty, and captivating story to the project that compliments the my vision for empowering women through the creation of goddess figures, warriors, muses, and entrepreneurs, whose life experiences inform countless additional stories and inspiration to come.

By sharing my personal art journals and sketchbooks I am revealing an openness to pull down the walls I has built to protect my fragile places and openly discuss ‘Where the Work Came From’.

It can often be difficult for a viewer to fully understand a piece of art, or embrace its rawness because they only have access to the completed piece of art. They have no concept of the artist’s life experiences, personal trauma, anguish, personal triumphs, or endless, obsessive hours spent trying to understand and convey a complex story through visual means. By reading the concept and inspiration journals shared here or perusing my sketchbooks, embellished with spontaneous ideas and marginalia describing specific technical executions for the artwork, the viewer receives a semi-private glimpse of the artist’s thought process. The viewer then has a sudden realization that hours were spent thinking about the meaning of the piece of artwork and the appropriate means of symbolizing complex ideas. One might then conceive of the countless additional hours spent researching symbolism, creating props and costumes for multiple models, soliciting the help of a photographer, or taking my own reference photos.

In the event that I am overcome with ideas, I faces the additional challenge of weeding out bad ideas, separating out distractions, and making note of additional concepts that might prove useful for future works in the series. The challenge then becomes capturing enough of the new ideas to preserve them, without going down a rabbit hole into an entirely new concept and losing the beauty of the original idea. As in life, there must be balance.

Often times, I spend more energy refining and perfecting the story than executing the finished work of art. Many times, I over-think a concept or over-work a painting, in an obsessive effort to control every detail; ruining the beauty of the work. Then, I must start anew.

In this new body of Wild Woman Portraits that has grown from the seed of concepts discovered searching for inspiration in poetry and quotes on philosophy and literature, I am examining both “What it Means to BE Woman” and my inner conviction that not only do we all have a meaningful impact on the world, we are all uniquely beautiful in ways that are independent of and transcendent from the societal and personal burdens of what is considered beautiful, a woman’s role in the world, and what constitutes a meaningful existence.

My intention is not to mire the viewer in the long history of inequities against women or to rail against the patriarchy. My intentions are born of a conviction that healing and triumph begin on a personal level. We are, in fact, independent from external influences and have the ability to take charge of our own self-image. We have the strength and fortitude in each of us to cultivate our own self-esteem. We possess the ability to invest in ourselves for our own sake AND the potential to shift the world in new and beautiful ways if we cultivate the self-confidence in ourselves and our daughters to stand in the face of criticism or rejection and proudly proclaim “I AM enough!”

I invite you to join me on this journey to discover what it means to be ‘Wild Woman’ – for good or bad. More importantly, I’m drawing a line in the sand, proclaiming, there will be no judgement or ridicule cultivated here.

What it means to be a wild woman does not look the same for you as it does for me. Lets celebrate the beautiful diversity of our individual, spectacular lives, lift one another up, and create a brighter future for all women.


Katie Griffin @12gagephotography & Frances Byrd

The Partnership

Hello and welcome!

We’re the creative visionaries behind the Wild Woman Portrait concept. Although this page, specifically, is the home of my (Frances’) studio art, I would only be telling half the story if I didn’t give credit to my best friend, muse, and creative partner, Katie for her part in the development of this body of work.
We each came to the basic concept separately, but realized after repeated discussion that we could both pursue the concept individually through our chosen media AND work on collaborative projects that will develop both our perspectives further.

I (Frances) am the feral one. The painter. The risk-taker.
Katie is the grounded one. An exceptional photographer. A constant inspiration and supporter of my efforts to grow as an artist.

Katie Griffin, 12 Gage Photography

Frances Byrd, Frances Byrd Art

#wildwomancollaboration Mission Statement

We believe in the hidden beauty and strength inherent in EVERY woman.

We don’t see you as a victim; incapable, or hysterical. We see you as a strong, compassionate, creative soul. Walk our path with us and learn how to see these things in yourself. You are only burdened by the world if you accept drudgery and judgement as your state in life. Choose empowerment. Choose self-confidence. Choose to shine.

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Walk away from the burden of other people’s opinions of you. Walk away from their unreasonable expectations.

Walk away from your own judgement – of yourself and of others.

Walk away from victimhood.

Accept your unique beauty and value as being inherent in you as a person – they are.

Stop accepting the burden of being vanquished by small minds and petty comparisons.

Walk away from insecurity.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and others to yourself. Beauty is neither a race nor a competition.

Stop coveting what others have or judging what they lack.

Compliment them on their assets and achievements. Be proud of your own.

OWN and CELEBRATE who you are and what you can achieve.

Walk away from your insecurities.

Stop hiding under frumpy clothes and downcast eyes.

Find what flatters you and stand confident – look the world in the eyes.

Walk away from judgement and regret. Walk away from the burden of societal expectations.

Embrace your talents, beauty, and intelligence. Embrace a journey of personal discovery and self-empowerment.

Don’t just dream of a world that accepts imperfections, unconventional beauty, and strong personalities – realize it. Encourage the women in your life who aren’t there yet – change doesn’t come from complaining about a problem or waiting for someone ‘stronger’ to make a place for you. Change comes from taking positive action for yourself and lifting up others who struggle more or are in a worse position than you.

Take responsibility for the life you want. Make the hard choices to achieve your goals – invest in your health and happiness. Shred your insecurities and negativity.

Join us on our personal journey to repair or discard the broken as needed, and embrace the potential for so much more – from ourselves and from the rest of the world.


Katie Griffin, 12 Gage Photography

Frances Byrd, Frances Byrd Art

***At photo shoots we will often be on a tight schedule with multiple bookings. If you are late, it will impact your shoot time. Come early if you need to prepare your costumes and props or arrive in costume. ***

Behind the Scenes shot from our #wildwomanlaunch, November 2019
Model: Cate
Photographer(In Photo): Katie Griffin
Photograph: Frances Byrd

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