Autumn is My Favorite Time of Year Mushroom Print Block It's autumn here in Georgia and the weather has been lovely. We might not get the spectacular foliage colors like New England, but I am fond of our yellow hues. The hickory trees are my favorite in vibrant yellow. Other trees on our property range from chartreuse to tangerine, making a … Continue reading Autumn is My Favorite Time of Year

Swallowtail and Maypop

My design for this mural includes the female Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. This species is the state butterfly of Georgia. She is feeding on a purple passionflower, often known colloquially as the maypop.I am an avid gardener, focusing on native plant species and cultivating pollinator habitats around my home. I often incorporate elements from nature in … Continue reading Swallowtail and Maypop

Goddess Lunaria

Goddess Lunaria is my first attempt at sculpting a human figure. I kept her form simple for several reasons, both symbolic and compositional. My initial concept for the piece was inspired by my art history classes at SCAD. If you've ever opened a copy of Janson, you will recognize the Venus of Willendorf as the … Continue reading Goddess Lunaria