2022 Updates

In my portrait series, I am celebrating the unique beauty of real women with real accomplishments. I am attempting to tell their stories in a way that helps the viewer empathize with their hardships and celebrate their achievements. In my celebration of the wonderful diversity of these women, I am attempting to shift the public narrative from a sterile, commercial idea of beauty toward a realistic aesthetic that celebrates the whole woman.

The First Completed Painting of 2022

My beautiful friend Vicktoria has been such a huge inspiration and force for encouragement in my Wild Woman Portrait journey. She is also one of my favorite models because she exudes self-confidence and enthusiasm and is patient with my lack of photography skills when shooting for references. She’s happy to set any scene and assume … Continue reading The First Completed Painting of 2022

Overview of Wild Woman and Unconventional Woman Portraits

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, I tend to be hard on myself. I have a difficult time feeling accomplished in my work. I'm always berating myself for all of the unfinished ideas I have for painting concepts. In the new year, I will endeavor to lighten up a bit.In that spirit, … Continue reading Overview of Wild Woman and Unconventional Woman Portraits

Last Event of 2021

New songbird paintings will be available on Saturday from 8 - noon at the Madison County Senior Center in Danielsville. Local craftsmen, artists, and small businesses will have handmade and local gift items at the Christmas Market. Stop by to support your local small businesses and purchase a unique gift or something special for yourself. … Continue reading Last Event of 2021

2021 Xmas Inventory

Check my social media posts through the rest of the year for special events and deals. I am currently running a #smallbusinesssaturday sale through Tuesday, November 30th. All items will be available in person on that date for the Mental Wellness Expo at Athens Technical College. The event will be hosted by Phi Theta Kappa … Continue reading 2021 Xmas Inventory