Self-Evaluation and Accountability….

are crucial to authenticity and intellectual integrity, but in the ever-polished world of the internet and social media, they are difficult to achieve consistently. There are so many demands on an artist to present a perfectly staged studio space and curated art posts. All the influencers have podcasts and marketing teams – shouldn’t you?

Have you looked at an art magazine that focuses on studio spaces? I don’t recommend it if you deal with issues of inadequacy. They set the bar very high; unreasonably so in my opinion.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining. We all have different processes and goals. It’s also nice to dream. I love the idea of an airy, well-lit and well organized studio. I also like to feel like I accomplish things in my studio. That is the whole point after all.

While I do prefer my studio to be free of clutter and ready for someone to pop in unexpectedly, neither is likely to happen. It’s difficult to be productive and keep everything neat and organized at all time. I think we can all agree it’s better to have supplies ready to hand and worry about the mess later.

The way I manage my urge for perfection is to have a cleaning day when I complete a large project. This has the added benefit of burning off the weird space that develops in my head when I complete something I have been working on for a long time. I don’t know if this is an issue other artists deal with, but I always feel a little let down when I finish a painting, followed by several days of distraction.

Do you have this issue?

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