Are you ever afraid of your own ideas?

Apparently I am, and it’s time to hold myself accountable. I recently started a new art challenge to force myself to work on new techniques and make time for studies to flesh out existing projects. I let myself get discouraged by the first project because it didn’t turn out well and I started working on … Continue reading Are you ever afraid of your own ideas?

Commission Contract for Frances Byrd Art

All non-refundable fees and shipping costs are described in detail below. Fees and deposits are collected in advance of the next step in the commission process in order to compensate the artist for her time and material costs in creating each stage of the commission. All efforts will be made on the part of the artist to ensure that the client's wishes are met through a series of preliminary sketches and in-progress meetings or communications via email, containing images, to insure that the work is progressing as agreed in this contract.

Some Paintings are More Difficult than Others

I talked about this painting briefly in my previous article. If you follow my posts on Facebook and Instagram, you know this one was challenging from the beginning and took a long time to complete. I had to walk away from it for weeks at a time because I honestly couldn't stand to look at it several times throughout the process of trying to capture the idea in my head.