On the Easel: The Hart and the Hind Concept

The Hart and the Hind Concept Color SketchThis concept sketch is the starting point for an oil painting on birch panel. In my previous post, I discussed the preliminary process for designing the composition and prepping the panel for the painting.In this painting I am exploring the inter-connectedness of man and nature, the tranquility found … Continue reading On the Easel: The Hart and the Hind Concept

On the Easel: The Hart and the Hind

This line drawing has been transferred to a birch panel with multiple layers of tissue paper applied to create texture. I am repurposing an old painting for this concept that had a textural background featuring text. Because I have completely restructured the narrative of my work, I did not want the words to read as … Continue reading On the Easel: The Hart and the Hind

Thistle Queen

Thistle Queen This self-portrait was inspired by years of criticism that I am aggressive and confrontational. Though I am hardly without faults, I find that people are most likely to label me this way when I am being passionate about a belief or project, or when I am standing up for myself. Taking up space … Continue reading Thistle Queen

2022 Updates

In my portrait series, I am celebrating the unique beauty of real women with real accomplishments. I am attempting to tell their stories in a way that helps the viewer empathize with their hardships and celebrate their achievements. In my celebration of the wonderful diversity of these women, I am attempting to shift the public narrative from a sterile, commercial idea of beauty toward a realistic aesthetic that celebrates the whole woman.