New Branding Concept

Bird and Floral Concept Drawing

I have been working on this concept for several weeks now. One of the things I need to do as I set up a new web page and social media pages is to create graphics that will be recognizable as my brand. This means designing something relevant to my art that is simple and easily recognizable, as well as indicative of the work I do as an artist.
Additionally, it needs to translate well across all print, web, and social media platforms. It is as complicated as it sounds.

I started out with a vertical composition because I also want a tattoo sleeve. I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have been wanting one for a long time. I also wanted it to be in some way relevant to the art that I make. If you’re familiar with my previous series, you know that birds have been a prominent fixture for a while now.
The owl is a new subject, but ravens and crows have been dominant in my paintings for several years. The songbirds have played a minor role in paintings so far, but they have been prominent in art journaling and Sketchbook Projects.

Byrd Song 1
Byrd Song 2

The barred owl is one of my favorite birds. We have several nesting in the woods around our home and I really enjoy hearing them as they hunt and communicate across the treetops. I have just started a new painting this week featuring a barred owl and it will eventually become a symbolic element in my #wildwomanportrait series.
You can follow my day to day progress on this project and my bird studies by liking my Facebook Page and browsing the albums.

My next step is going to be converting the design to a horizontal composition. I’m going to make a simple ink drawing at that point and use it as a place holder in all of my web and social pages to determine if any changes need to be made. If I’m still happy with it in a couple of months, I will make a small painting that I can scan and convert to all of the media platforms.
I will share each of these steps in the process with you here. I would love any feedback you are interested in giving.

If you’re an artist, how do you develop branding to promote your work?

4 thoughts on “New Branding Concept

  1. Love this that you are doing. If you feel like making me another sketch, I would love (any mode), but even a simple drawing just like here colored in pencils or watercolor pencils, of this gorgeous sketch of dogwood blossoms with songbird. Early spring dogwood a favorite for both Ellen and I. I often took a morning from work to drive around the Virginia countryside and be amazed at the wild dogwood…especially when interspersed with wild redbud. Best Wishes. Have a great weekend. Love your projects.


    1. Thank you Michael. I can work on it and the thistle at the same time.
      What kind of songbird do you want? This one is a blue bird, but I could put anything in it’s place.
      Do you want pink or cream dogwood blossoms? These will be pink in my tattoo for contrast against the skin, but probably cream in my digital media. I personally prefer the native cream colored blossoms.


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