Both Acceptance and Rejection are Part of the Creative Process

A Tale of Two Birds

I recently submitted my rooster painting to the Hudgens Center for their annual members show. I didn’t have high expectations that it would be chosen for this juried show, but I’m currently at a very low inventory of artwork and it is the strongest piece I still have in my possession. As expected, it was rejected. That’s ok.

While it’s technically a very good painting, the subject isn’t on trend for most of the art community. I love chickens, I decided to paint one, I learned a ton of technique for lighting and landscape painting in the process, and I will be happy to hang it in my home when it comes back from the gift shop where it currently hangs.

As artists, we have to accept that not everyone will like our work. The world doesn’t owe us external validation. The value in our work is determined by the patrons who buy it, and more importantly, by the joy it brings us in its creation.
The Little Red Hen pictured above was created at the same time as the rooster. She sold to a fellow artist with whom I showed work at a local gallery several years ago. I literally got a request to purchase the painting before it was finished. As a litmus for success goes, I’ll take a sale over an acceptance letter if given the opportunity.

Sugar Rush Festival


Back in the spring, my traveling partner and fellow art geek, Debra, sent me the call for artists for a local show. I was accepted for that opportunity, and today was delivery day for the artwork.
If you live in the Atlanta area, check out the festival and consider attending. The painting is part of a group show and all artwork is for sale.
Sugar Rush Festival

Fellow artists, do you have any upcoming shows? Feel free to post links in the comments.

Art enthusiasts, what are your favorite events coming up?

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