I am currently working on a portfolio of Unconventional Woman Portraits for the Winter Exhibitions at the Quinlan Center opening in December. This will be the first public showing of these narrative paintings as a group exhibit. Most paintings will be accompanied by sculptures or assemblages.
Browse completed pieces here or check my home page for my current work in progress.

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Artist Statement

Welcome to Frances Byrd Art.
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Unconventional Women

Light Up the Darkness
Oil on Wood Panel, vintage mirror frame
oil on canvas, 16 x 16″, Private Collection
Thistle Queen
Hand-Painted Sign, 24″ Square 2021, NFS

Custom signs will be offered on a limited commission basis beginning January 2021

Rising From The Mud
Part of the Permanent Collection at the Hudgens Center for Art
Phoenix Rising
12″w x 12″h, Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 2021 $150
You Should See Me in a Crown
17 1/2″w x 25 3/4″h framed, Mixed Media on Paper, 2021 $850
4.5″w x 7.75″h x 3″d, Mixed Media Assemblage, 2021, $35.00

Crown and Stars
4.5″w x 7.75″h x .5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage, 2021 $35.00
Study for Athena
11”w x 14h” unframed, Mixed Media Acrylic on wood panel, $150.00
Athena’s Wisdom
10.5″w x 20″h x 5.5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2021 $220.00
Moon and Stars
7.75”w x 17”h, Cigar Box Assemblage, 2021 $130.00
Study for a Dryad
8 1/2″w x 11″h unframed, Mixed Media Watercolor, 2020 $85


Mixed Media Paper Clay Sculpture

Feathered Familiars

Barred Owl Study
14″w x 20″h, Oil on Wood Panel, 2020 Private Collection
Taking Flight
36″w x 36″h, Oil on Canvas, 2021 Donated to 2022 Quinlan Gala
Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn
9″w x 34″h, Acrylic on Skate Deck, 2012 Private Collection
16″w x 20”h, Oil on Paper, 2019 Private Collection
Cockerel at Sunrise
12″w x 24”h, Oil on Wood Panel, 2019 $300.00
Rise and Shine
21″w x 18″h, Acrylic on Salvaged Wood, 2017 Private Collection
Guinea Love
17″w x 11″h, Mixed Media on Paper, 2019 $250.00
Guinea Fowl
10.5″w x 18.25″h x 6″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2020 $250.00
Americana Dreams
10.5″w x 21″h x 5.5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2020 $220.00
Keeping Time
10″w x 20″h x 5.5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2020 $200.00


Solo show at Strange Duck Brewing, February 1 – 28
Reception Saturday, February 5, 7-9pm, 2022: beer, food truck, live music, putt-putt