Artist Statement

Welcome to Frances Byrd Art. I am a wife, boy mom, and artist. I am somewhat obsessed with birds. I keep chickens.
I have a Bachelors degree in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.
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All artwork is currently on display in the showroom of Wood, Metal, Clay. I have a studio in the front where I am working on current projects. Stop by to say hello and see work by local artisans and craftsmen, watch me paint, or discuss a commission for your home.
We are located at 135 Central Avenue, Commerce, Georgia 30529.
Our hours are Tuesday/Wednesday: 10am – 4pm and Thursday/Friday: 10am – 6pm
If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact me at birdlady@francesbyrd.art

Unconventional Women

Rising From The Mud:

13″w x 40″h x 5″d , Mixed Media Assemblage, 2021, $500.00

Phoenix Rising:

12″w x 12″h, Mixed Media on Wood Panel, 2021 $150

You Should See Me in a Crown:

25 3/4″w x 17 1/2″h framed, Mixed Media on Paper, 2021 $850


4.5″w x 7.75″h x 3″d, Mixed Media Assemblage, 2021, $35.00

Crown and Stars

4.5″w x 7.75″h x .5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage, 2021 $35.00

Study for a Athena:

11 x 14″ unframed, Mixed Media Acrylic on wood panel, $150.00

Owl Shrine

10.5″w x 20″h x 5.5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2021 $200.00

Moon and Stars:

7.75”w x 17”h, Cigar Box Assemblage, 2021 $130.00

Study for a Dryad:

8 1/2″w x 11″h unframed, Mixed Media Watercolor, 2020 $85

Feathered Familiars

Barred Owl Study

14″w x 20″h, Oil on Wood Panel, 2020 $300.00

Taking Flight:

36″w x 36″h, Oil on Canvas, 2021 $1200.00

Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

9″w x 34″h, Acrylic on Skate Deck, 2012 $300.00


16″w x 20”h, Oil on Paper, 2019 $320.00

Cockerel at Sunrise

12″w x 24”h, Oil on Wood Panel, 2019 $300.00

Rise and Shine

21″w x 18″h, Acrylic on Salvaged Wood, 2017 $250.00

Guinea Love

17″w x 11″h, Mixed Media on Paper, 2019 $250.00

Guinea Fowl

10″w x 8″h”, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2017 $35.00

Guinea Fowl

10.5″w x 18.25″h x 6″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2020 $250.00

Americana Dreams

10.5″w x 21″h x 5.5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2020 $220.00

Keeping Time

10″w x 20″h x 5.5″d, Mixed Media Assemblage with Salvaged Wood, 2020 $200.00


Barn Swallow: 5″w x 7″h framed, Mixed Media, 2016 $40.00
Goldfinch: 3.5”w x 7.5”h, Oil Painting, 2020 $30.00