Wild Woman Portraits

Katie Griffin @12gagephotography & Frances Byrd

Mission Statement

We believe in the hidden beauty and strength inherent in EVERY woman.

We don’t see you as a victim; incapable, or hysterical. We see you as a strong, compassionate, creative soul. Walk our path with us and learn how to see these things in yourself. You are only burdened by the world if you accept drudgery and judgement as your state in life. Choose empowerment. Choose self-confidence. Choose to shine.

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Walk away from the burden of other people’s opinions of you. Walk away from their unreasonable expectations.

Walk away from your own judgement – of yourself and of others.

Walk away from victimhood.

Accept your unique beauty and value as being inherent in you as a person – they are.

Stop accepting the burden of being vanquished by small minds and petty comparisons.

Walk away from insecurity.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and others to yourself. Beauty is neither a race nor a competition.

Stop coveting what others have or judging what they lack.

Compliment them on their assets and achievements. Be proud of your own.

OWN and CELEBRATE who you are and what you can achieve.

Walk away from your insecurities.

Stop hiding under frumpy clothes and downcast eyes.

Find what flatters you and stand confident – look the world in the eyes.

Walk away from judgement and regret. Walk away from the burden of societal expectations.

Embrace your talents, beauty, and intelligence. Embrace a journey of personal discovery and self-empowerment.

Don’t just dream of a world that accepts imperfections, unconventional beauty, and strong personalities – realize it. Encourage the women in your life who aren’t there yet – change doesn’t come from complaining about a problem or waiting for someone ‘stronger’ to make a place for you. Change comes from taking positive action for yourself and lifting up others who struggle more or are in a worse position than you.

Take responsibility for the life you want. Make the hard choices to achieve your goals – invest in your health and happiness. Shred your insecurities and negativity.

Join us on our personal journey to repair or discard the broken as needed, and embrace the potential for so much more – from ourselves and from the rest of the world.


Katie Griffin, 12 Gage Photography

Frances Byrd, Frances Byrd Art

***At photo shoots we will often be on a tight schedule with multiple bookings. If you are late, it will impact your shoot time. Come early if you need to prepare your costumes and props or arrive in costume. ***

Behind the Scenes shot from our #wildwomanlaunch, November 2019
Model: Cate
Photographer(In Photo): Katie Griffin
Photograph: Frances Byrd

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