Wild Woman Portrait Concepts

This preliminary body of work is as much a glimpse into the artist's private process as it is a presentation of conceptual art investigating the social strata of what it means to be a modern woman. The sketchbook pages included in this collection are an embodiment of the organic process of the artist's journey from … Continue reading Wild Woman Portrait Concepts

Are you ever afraid of your own ideas?

Apparently I am, and it’s time to hold myself accountable. I recently started a new art challenge to force myself to work on new techniques and make time for studies to flesh out existing projects. I let myself get discouraged by the first project because it didn’t turn out well and I started working on … Continue reading Are you ever afraid of your own ideas?

What Can You Expect When You Book a Photo Shoot With #wildwomanportraits

Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart and Katie Griffin @12gagephotography Whether you book a #discoveryourwild, #staywild, or #sisterwild photo package, you will receive the utmost professionalism and attention to your individual concept. At #wildwomanportraits we (Katie and Frances) believe every woman is uniquely beautiful, strong, and inspiring. We use this perspective to help you tell your story through … Continue reading What Can You Expect When You Book a Photo Shoot With #wildwomanportraits

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Concept notes for #wildwomanportraits One of the worst things that can happen to an artist is to have their work stolen. I don't mean just in the physical sense – although I have had that happen, and it's awful as well. I'm speaking here in terms of intellectual property. Your ideas are your property. Being … Continue reading Protect Your Intellectual Property

Shred Your Insecurities, Burn the Burden of Societal Judgement

https://videopress.com/v/6EsBKY3R?preloadContent=metadata Photo by Katie Griffin @12gagephotography #wildwomancollaborationKatie Griffin @12gagephotography Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart As promised in my post yesterday, here is a video from our practice run for the #wildwomanlaunch on Sunday. Katie and I wrote out our personal insecurities and criticisms from peers and family who don’t approve of or respect our journeys. After shredding … Continue reading Shred Your Insecurities, Burn the Burden of Societal Judgement

October 2019 Studio Update

I have been offline most of the last couple of weeks attending business seminars, interviewing venues for the #wildwomanlaunch event, and coordinating projects with fellow artists in my community. Today, I am posting a collection of photos from current studio projects to summarize what I have in progress on my easels and drafting desk. Commissions … Continue reading October 2019 Studio Update

Confessions of Procrastination

Y'all, I have been a ridiculous mess for the last couple of months. I'm not ashamed (now) to say I just didn't feel like doing anything productive in the studio. I had hit a block - it happens to all creative people at some point, and we all handle it differently. Apparently, I procrastinate when … Continue reading Confessions of Procrastination