July Newsletter

At the beginning of June, I sent out the first three mailings of handmade greeting cards and postcards to my Patreon subscribers and local patrons of my art. I have felt a little overwhelmed getting started with a monthly subscription obligation, but I have managed to have my cards in the mail the first week this month as well as in June.

May Newsletter 2021

Happy first of May everyone! Partial Installation for Athena Concept Shown here: Study for Athena and Owl Shrine April has been a very productive month for me in the studio. I have several new projects underway, sent submissions in for an exhibition at The Lyndon House in Athens and to write for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, … Continue reading May Newsletter 2021

Some Paintings are More Difficult than Others

I talked about this painting briefly in my previous article. If you follow my posts on Facebook and Instagram, you know this one was challenging from the beginning and took a long time to complete. I had to walk away from it for weeks at a time because I honestly couldn't stand to look at it several times throughout the process of trying to capture the idea in my head.

Painting Commission: French Maran Rooster WIP Photos

As most of you know, I have been working on a commissioned oil painting for the last six months. It is not a project that would normally take quite this long, but I'm not in a position to paint full time just yet and there were a lot of family events over the holidays. Overall, … Continue reading Painting Commission: French Maran Rooster WIP Photos