2022 Updates

In my portrait series, I am celebrating the unique beauty of real women with real accomplishments. I am attempting to tell their stories in a way that helps the viewer empathize with their hardships and celebrate their achievements. In my celebration of the wonderful diversity of these women, I am attempting to shift the public narrative from a sterile, commercial idea of beauty toward a realistic aesthetic that celebrates the whole woman.

The First Completed Painting of 2022

My beautiful friend Vicktoria has been such a huge inspiration and force for encouragement in my Wild Woman Portrait journey. She is also one of my favorite models because she exudes self-confidence and enthusiasm and is patient with my lack of photography skills when shooting for references. She’s happy to set any scene and assume … Continue reading The First Completed Painting of 2022

Overview of Wild Woman and Unconventional Woman Portraits

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, I tend to be hard on myself. I have a difficult time feeling accomplished in my work. I'm always berating myself for all of the unfinished ideas I have for painting concepts. In the new year, I will endeavor to lighten up a bit.In that spirit, … Continue reading Overview of Wild Woman and Unconventional Woman Portraits

May Newsletter 2021

Happy first of May everyone! Partial Installation for Athena Concept Shown here: Study for Athena and Owl Shrine April has been a very productive month for me in the studio. I have several new projects underway, sent submissions in for an exhibition at The Lyndon House in Athens and to write for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, … Continue reading May Newsletter 2021