Mental Wellness Expo, November 30

Join me the Tuesday after Thanksgiving at Athens Technical College for a program to raise awareness of mental health needs and solutions in our community. New Coloring Page Designs I will have a table offering small paintings, handmade cards and jewelry, coloring pages, and journaling kits. Handmade Cards I will also be discussing the importance … Continue reading Mental Wellness Expo, November 30

Self-Evaluation and Accountability Pt.2

Working on concepts for clients in the garden.Photo by Jay Byrd The last year and a half have been challenging for most of us. Some of us have found ourselves in the devastating position of losing friends over ideological differences and the strain of coping with turmoil in our communities. People are turning on one … Continue reading Self-Evaluation and Accountability Pt.2

May Newsletter 2021

Happy first of May everyone! Partial Installation for Athena Concept Shown here: Study for Athena and Owl Shrine April has been a very productive month for me in the studio. I have several new projects underway, sent submissions in for an exhibition at The Lyndon House in Athens and to write for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, … Continue reading May Newsletter 2021

Shred Your Insecurities, Burn the Burden of Societal Judgement Photo by Katie Griffin @12gagephotography #wildwomancollaborationKatie Griffin @12gagephotography Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart As promised in my post yesterday, here is a video from our practice run for the #wildwomanlaunch on Sunday. Katie and I wrote out our personal insecurities and criticisms from peers and family who don’t approve of or respect our journeys. After shredding … Continue reading Shred Your Insecurities, Burn the Burden of Societal Judgement

Empowering Women to see Their Own Beauty

My friend Katie is a phenomenal photographer. I know she thinks she's just getting established and has a lot to learn - we all do. Part of our creative process is learning our craft, expanding our skillset, and pushing ourselves to be better. We never really stop doing any of those things. I wish she … Continue reading Empowering Women to see Their Own Beauty