Being an Idea Person is Difficult…

It requires an extreme amount of focus to successfully conceptualize and schedule the creation of a cohesive body of work. I am only just getting a handle on my #wildwomanportrait universe after three years of hard work, photo shoots, conversations, concept development, and character illustrations. Obsession with ideas vs creativity and productivity My solution has … Continue reading Being an Idea Person is Difficult…

Podcast Feature: Drawing From Experience Episode 98

If I'm honest, it hadn't occurred to me that artists wouldn't consider submitting their work for publication or an art prize to be noteworthy. I spent four months of very focused effort on my first conceptual series and felt extremely accomplished upon submission. Not only did I meet a hard deadline early, I focused on my personal conceptual work for the first time outside of college.

Wild Woman Portrait Concepts

This preliminary body of work is as much a glimpse into the artist's private process as it is a presentation of conceptual art investigating the social strata of what it means to be a modern woman. The sketchbook pages included in this collection are an embodiment of the organic process of the artist's journey from … Continue reading Wild Woman Portrait Concepts

Painting Commission: French Maran Rooster WIP Photos

As most of you know, I have been working on a commissioned oil painting for the last six months. It is not a project that would normally take quite this long, but I'm not in a position to paint full time just yet and there were a lot of family events over the holidays. Overall, … Continue reading Painting Commission: French Maran Rooster WIP Photos