At the Byrdhouse: Saturday, April 18th

Returning to the Garden Photo One: LavenderPhoto Two: HoneysucklePhoto Three: Iris Over the last few weeks, I have established a daily gardening routine because I have been distracted by current events. It consists primarily of going outside to work on a myriad of existing garden chores and long-neglected projects in whatever order strikes me as … Continue reading At the Byrdhouse: Saturday, April 18th

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Concept notes for #wildwomanportraits One of the worst things that can happen to an artist is to have their work stolen. I don't mean just in the physical sense – although I have had that happen, and it's awful as well. I'm speaking here in terms of intellectual property. Your ideas are your property. Being … Continue reading Protect Your Intellectual Property

Pinup Girls Rock

Last weekend, I had an amazing day out with my #wildwomanportrait partner and best friend, Katie Griffin. She's also the extraordinary photographer behind 12 Gage Photography. Neither one of us is good at engaging in creative activities that are not also work, so I was really excited about this opportunity. Makeup by Sweet Peach Pinups … Continue reading Pinup Girls Rock

Shred Your Insecurities, Burn the Burden of Societal Judgement Photo by Katie Griffin @12gagephotography #wildwomancollaborationKatie Griffin @12gagephotography Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart As promised in my post yesterday, here is a video from our practice run for the #wildwomanlaunch on Sunday. Katie and I wrote out our personal insecurities and criticisms from peers and family who don’t approve of or respect our journeys. After shredding … Continue reading Shred Your Insecurities, Burn the Burden of Societal Judgement