August 2021 Patreon Subscriptions

Handmade greeting and post cards shipped out to my Patreon subscribers in Georgia and Kentucky this morning. August is a landmark month for me in my subscription history because I was able to complete my orders and ship them out before the first of the month.With all of the submission deadlines and new opportunities popping … Continue reading August 2021 Patreon Subscriptions

July Newsletter

At the beginning of June, I sent out the first three mailings of handmade greeting cards and postcards to my Patreon subscribers and local patrons of my art. I have felt a little overwhelmed getting started with a monthly subscription obligation, but I have managed to have my cards in the mail the first week this month as well as in June.

Handmade Cards and Postcards

Over the last couple of months I have been designing mixed media cards for my Patreon subscribers. Most of my tiers include a handmade mixed media greeting card each month. Upper tiers also receive a postcard. My art box subscribers will receive additional packs of cards in their annual packages. Each month I will design … Continue reading Handmade Cards and Postcards

Being an Idea Person is Difficult…

It requires an extreme amount of focus to successfully conceptualize and schedule the creation of a cohesive body of work. I am only just getting a handle on my #wildwomanportrait universe after three years of hard work, photo shoots, conversations, concept development, and character illustrations. Obsession with ideas vs creativity and productivity My solution has … Continue reading Being an Idea Person is Difficult…

June Newsletter 2021

Hello friends. I hope the weather has been as lovely where you live as it has been here in the Georgia Piedmont. May was a busy month for me, both in the studio and the garden. I made tremendous progress on personal projects, put the finishing touches on my Patreon Profile and participated in two … Continue reading June Newsletter 2021