Air Dry Clay Workshop with Lisa Matrundola

Paper Clay Rabbit, Basic Form Over the weekend I attended an air dry clay workshop with Lisa Matrundola. The class was extremely informative and eliminated a lot of the frustration I had with the materials when I tried to experiment with them myself a couple of years ago. Sculpture is not an intuitive process for … Continue reading Air Dry Clay Workshop with Lisa Matrundola

October Newsletter

It's autumn, y'all! My favorite time of year. As you are reading this, I will be in Italy for a family trip that was postponed last year, due to covid. We will be visiting friends who live in Rome, spending a day each in Venice and Florence, and the remainder of our trip walking the … Continue reading October Newsletter

An Exciting Development for my Unconventional Woman Series

I visited with my friend Rena last week to catch up over lunch and discuss studio space in her building. She has a beautiful historic space in downtown Commerce that was originally the Ford dealership on main street. The building has since housed a print shop and contains a monolithic printing press that will be … Continue reading An Exciting Development for my Unconventional Woman Series

How has Your Outlook Changed Over the Last Year?

I have spent a lot of time working on personal outlook, my attitude, and being more intentional over the last year. Some of my negative behaviors and judgmental tendencies put up a fight, but I have persevered in rooting them out. The result is a feeling of clarity, newfound inspiration and commitment to my creative … Continue reading How has Your Outlook Changed Over the Last Year?

Self-Evaluation and Accountability Pt.2

Working on concepts for clients in the garden.Photo by Jay Byrd The last year and a half have been challenging for most of us. Some of us have found ourselves in the devastating position of losing friends over ideological differences and the strain of coping with turmoil in our communities. People are turning on one … Continue reading Self-Evaluation and Accountability Pt.2

Self-Evaluation and Accountability….

are crucial to authenticity and intellectual integrity, but in the ever-polished world of the internet and social media, they are difficult to achieve consistently. There are so many demands on an artist to present a perfectly staged studio space and curated art posts. All the influencers have podcasts and marketing teams – shouldn't you? Have … Continue reading Self-Evaluation and Accountability….

New Series Preview: Danielle

I'm currently working on a tavern style sign to promote my public studio as well as inventory for an upcoming open house. I hope to have another completed commission to share with you next weekend.Until then, here's a preview of my photo shoot with Danielle yesterday. In addition to the fight promotion photos I'm sharing … Continue reading New Series Preview: Danielle