An Exciting Development for my Unconventional Woman Series

I visited with my friend Rena last week to catch up over lunch and discuss studio space in her building. She has a beautiful historic space in downtown Commerce that was originally the Ford dealership on main street. The building has since housed a print shop and contains a monolithic printing press that will be the focus of the rear staircase leading to the second floor. Rena has plans for the upper entryway to overlook the press from above as well.

While discussing studio placement and layout, window installation, and construction details, I stumbled across a piano in one of the storage rooms. Rena told me the history of the piece – it was housed in another historic building on the other side of the railroad tracks that divide main street – and her plans for installing the main body of the piano on the wall in one of the public spaces on the first floor.
Of course, I saw potential for using the lid as the base for a painting, and she agreed. Since we were already shooting a few reference photos for her #wildwomanportrait, I suggested it would be perfect for her portrait. Lots of excited squealing ensued, and the stage is now set for an unconventional base for an Unconventional Woman.

It will be a couple of weeks before I am able to pick up the piece, but I am very excited about its potential and the direction it will take my concept for Rena’s portrait. I hope you will follow us on our journey to create her portrait and develop a story that reflects her personality and enthusiasm for my art.

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