How has Your Outlook Changed Over the Last Year?

I have spent a lot of time working on personal outlook, my attitude, and being more intentional over the last year. Some of my negative behaviors and judgmental tendencies put up a fight, but I have persevered in rooting them out. The result is a feeling of clarity, newfound inspiration and commitment to my creative practice, and gratitude for the abundance in my life.

This painting represents my personal relationship with nature and the path I have taken over the last two years to reconnect with my art. It is the result of much self-examination and reflection, resulting in a deeper connection to the new body of work I have been struggling to conceptualize.

In this self-portrait, I am depicted on the bank of a muddy, rushing river just after a storm. It captures my connection to that water and the exuberance it inspired on the day my reference photos were taken. I am always invigorated by the sound and smell of the river rushing by and feel a sense of peace and inspiration as well.

I encourage you to find a place that speaks to your soul and reconnect to things that bring you joy.

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