August 2021 Newsletter

Public Studio Space

July was a landmark month for me in many ways, but partnering with a local interior design business to expand my practice into a public gallery space is at the top of my bucket list achievements. I have been working very hard for a long time to get into a position to have a studio space outside of my home.
Wood, Metal, Clay is a new artisan and craftsman showroom inside of Novelty Woods in downtown Commerce. I was asked to manage a gallery space as part of the collaboration, including a working studio where you can now see me working in person, schedule private viewings, or discuss commissioned works.

We’re open Tuesday and Wednesday 10am – 4pm and Thursday and Friday 10am – 6pm.

Coloring Pages

I’m currently working on projector sheets for new painting concepts in the studio. Because they are line drawings, I am taking the opportunity to set up coloring page designs as I go.
How many of you are interested in seeing me offer these line drawings as coloring page downloads and an adult coloring book?

I will be sanding a table top this afternoon to make a sign for my self-portrait. As seen in the first illustration here, it that will also become my branding. I’m hoping to meet with local graphic designers and screen printers soon to offer merchandise like posters, shirts, and enamel pins.
My lovely friend Vicktoria, featured in the second line drawing, will be my first portrait model for large scale oils to develop my Unconventional Women concept further.
You can read more about that on my updated home page:
Frances Byrd Art – Empowering Women and Sharing Stories, One Portrait at a Time (

July Blog Posts

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