August 2021 Patreon Subscriptions

Handmade greeting and post cards shipped out to my Patreon subscribers in Georgia and Kentucky this morning. August is a landmark month for me in my subscription history because I was able to complete my orders and ship them out before the first of the month.
With all of the submission deadlines and new opportunities popping up the last couple of months, I have been struggling to manage my time efficiently. Now that I am getting settled into my new position as Artist in Residence at Wood, Metal, Clay in downtown Commerce, I am starting to see a huge increase in productivity. I often struggle with partnerships and collaborations because I need so much time and space to let my mind wander. I don’t work as well in committee environments as I do in isolation. This new partnership with Grouse Creek Pottery and Novelty Woods is working out to be an exception to the rule.

For these greeting cards, I started with a sturdy kraft paper card as the base for decorative papers torn into strips. Once the glue dried on the papers, I used a lino block to print the flower image in ink. I carved this block over 20 years ago in a college printmaking class, so it was nice to incorporate it into a new design.

My postcards for this month are similar to my previous designs. I’m still trying to work out a process that I like for making the smaller cards. They will eventually evolve into a wider variety of designs.

If you have any requests or suggestions for future designs, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

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