July Newsletter

June was a great month in the studio. Although we spent two weekends touring colleges with our son, I was able to stay on task and make progress on several goals. My husband and my son celebrate their birthdays between Memorial Day and the first weekend in June as well, so this has been a busy month for family events as well.

At the beginning of June, I sent out the first three mailings of handmade greeting cards and postcards to my Patreon subscribers and local patrons of my art. I have felt a little overwhelmed getting started with a monthly subscription obligation, but I have managed to have my cards in the mail the first week this month as well as in June.

I was also able to schedule a follow-up photo shoot in June with my newest model, Vicktoria. My Wild Woman Portrait concepts are starting to develop at a much more rapid pace and I am looking forward to starting large portraits in oil soon. My newest illustration is almost complete and I will be entering it into the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize competition on the 17th.

If you follow my Patreon posts, you were the first to view my new video flip-through of my concept book. I have a long way to go until my videos are as polished as the big fish on social media, but it was encouraging to post the first one for accountability purposes.


As always, thank you so much for your support. I am researching new ways to offer merchandise and promotions in the future that will multiply your contribution to my subscriptions. If you would like to discuss being a model for a future painting, I would love to meet with you (local patrons) or set up a video chat (out of town). Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a specific question about my work or want to offer feedback.

I hope your summer is going well.



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