Summer 2021 Savannah Trip

I have a short post this week because I traveled with family for college tours. It’s hard to believe we are quickly approaching my son’s senior year. Since his top choice is in Statesboro, I suggested we take an additional day to drive into Savannah. I’m partial to the city because of my SCAD days, but it is truly beautiful if you like historic architecture.

I packed my camera to take some reference photos of two of my favorite marshes, then took the rest of the weekend off to spend with my guys. I will be working on some small studies from these after my current project is finished. If I’m happy with them, I may have some cards made from them and I will certainly be using them as backgrounds for #wildwomanportraits in the future.

Fort Pulaski Marsh

Unfortunately, my photos of the Tybee River marsh are blurry because we were stuck in traffic going out to Tybee Island and there was nowhere to pull over. They will serve well enough for lighting and color, as well as composition. From this view, Fort Pulaski on the Savannah River and Cockspur Lighthouse at the mouth of the river were on my left.
I had really hoped to get photos of the lighthouse as well, but it is being renovated and is covered with scaffolding. We will just have to make another trip when the renovations are completed.

The Wilmington River

There was a storm blowing in yesterday morning when I was taking photos of the marsh bordering Bonaventure Cemetery. The wind was blowing very hard and the lighting was very moody. These will be great reference for some tempestuous wild women.

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