June Newsletter 2021

Hello friends. I hope the weather has been as lovely where you live as it has been here in the Georgia Piedmont. May was a busy month for me, both in the studio and the garden. I made tremendous progress on personal projects, put the finishing touches on my Patreon Profile and participated in two photo shoots.

The format of my newsletter will be changing moving forward, based on feedback from friends and subscribers. I will be breaking my content up into brief summaries with links to articles and posts with more information. I think this change will allow you to get an overview of my progress without imposing so much on your time and allow you to skim past content that doesn’t interest you.
Thank you for your patience with me as I navigate the process of creating content and establishing my brand as an artist. A tremendous amount of work and expense have gone into my development as an artist and setting the foundation for this new body of work I am pursuing.

This will be my last, full-length public newsletter. Moving forward, the full content will only be available via my entry level Patreon subscription. I am providing links to information about patronage options and other ways you can support me as an artist below. Simply sharing my social media posts and blog articles is a huge help and I am grateful to everyone who has supported me in this journey.
I look forward to sharing new works with you and would love to hear your thoughts in return. Inspiration comes in many forms, but an outside perspective is often the best creative contribution I can receive. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or feedback.


Patreon Profile


Fae Level $3/Month

Muse Level $5/Month

Warrior Queen Level $10/Month

Goddess Level $25/Month

Siren Level $35/Month

Creator Level $50/Month

What is Patronage?

The most important thing to understand about a patronage program like Patreon is that I am not asking for donations. Each tier level comes with content that takes hours to prepare and is unique to my personal story and my art. By contributing, you are making an investment in the future development of a body of work designed to empower women and give voice to unconventional concepts of beauty and strength.
Higher level tier contributions are compensated with physical rewards in the form of artwork, merchandise, and annual Curated Art Boxes. Please follow the links above for detailed information on each level.
If you prefer everything in one place, here is a general summary from my blog:
Patreon Membership Tiers – Frances Byrd Art (wordpress.com)

All photos of myself were taken by Katie Griffin/12 Gage Photography
Photos of my models were taken by myself.

May Blog Posts

Modeling Opportunities

Personal Roadblocks

Exhibition Concepts

May Newsletter

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