#wildwomanportraits Modeling Opportunities

Photo and Model Credits

  1. Photo: @12gagephotography, Model:@francesbyrdart
  2. Photo: @francesbyrdart, Model:@catemcmichael
  3. Photo: @12gagephotography, Model:@francesbyrdart
  4. Photo: @judycook, Model:@judycook
  5. Photo: @francesbyrdart, Model:@kimsumlin
  6. Photo: @francesbyrdart, Model:@melodychristian
  7. Photo: @12gagephotography, Model:@francesbyrdart
  8. Photo: @francesbyrdart, Model:@ladylongshot
  9. Photo: @francesbyrdart, Model:@whitneyholley

Modeling Opportunities

I have developed a questionnaire for my models to help them take the opportunity of working with me to tell their story. I will use their story to create a painting or series that illustrates their personal mystery, power, talents, passions, etc. I hope these paintings will also serve the purpose of raising each model’s self-image and personal outlook.

Once we get through the initial interview process, I will meet with each model in person to fine-tune their Wild Woman Portrait concept. Meeting in person will also help me determine how each model fits into my wish list of concepts, both aesthetically and based on the model’s personality and interests. Authenticity is of the utmost importance to this portrait series.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me via email: birdlady@francesbyrd.art

Basic Questionnaire

How has your origin story defined you as a woman?

What is the story you wish to tell the world?

What are your personal goals, desires, dreams?

How do you express your gifts or power?

What is your favorite thing about yourself?

If you could take on any fictional/historic persona, who/what would it be?

What makes you feel beautiful?

What is your favorite place?





What kind of symbolism speaks to you?

What skills, talents, hobbies, etc that you have are an integral part of your self-image?

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