May Newsletter 2021

Happy first of May everyone!

Partial Installation for Athena Concept Shown here: Study for Athena and Owl Shrine

April has been a very productive month for me in the studio. I have several new projects underway, sent submissions in for an exhibition at The Lyndon House in Athens and to write for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, and started a logo design for local potters to use as their maker’s mark when completed.

The Goddess Wall in My Studio

Southarts chose their fellowship recipients this month and although I did not get chosen for Georgia, I feel like I learned a great deal from the submission process. I am grateful for the opportunity to have my work considered and for the growth I have experienced as an artist over the last few months I have been focused on building my portfolio and writing about my work.

Sample of Annual Curated Art Box. Available at Siren and Creator Level Memberships

My most important accomplishment this month was to launch my Patreon page. After several weeks of hard work between ongoing projects and submissions, I completed my page and worked out the logistics of offering subscriptions and merchandise, providing exclusive content previews, and posting daily about my studio process.
As part of that process, I am now using MailChimp for my email and newsletter, providing you the option to automatically unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive email about my work.

This weekend my alma mater, The Savannah College of Art and Design, is held an online art exhibit and sale for students and alumni. Two of my paintings were accepted into the event and were available through SCAD Art Sales’ Spring Open Studio.

We’re having a beautiful spring this year and I have been working in my garden almost daily. My irises are absolutely gorgeous this year and my expansion of the pollinator garden is going very well. I look forward to sharing photos of the wildflower patch that will comprise most of the new area later this summer.

As some of you know, I adopted a young cat a couple of months ago. Although his previous owners loved him very much, they live on a busy road and were concerned for his safety. #buzzthebarncat is adjusting very well to life #atthebyrdhouse. You can follow his adventure on my Instagram page from time to time when I take a break in the studio.
He’s allowed to roam free now that we’re certain he will stay out of the road and return home in the evenings. He has recently discovered the joy of climbing trees, is an excellent garden companion – even digging holes with me when I’m planting – and gives the best snuggles. Yesterday morning he requested coffee time snuggles and spent most of the day keeping me company.

Thank you for continuing to follow and support my art. If I could ask a small favor of you, please share my links with your friends and follow me on social media. I will be posting a lot of new content moving forward and could use your help reaching a wider audience. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback. I would love to hear what you think.

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