Recently Completed Projects

My apologies for the late posting this week. I was working feverishly on my Exhibition Proposal for the Lyndon House submission deadline of today. After completing it on Friday, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and burned out, so I worked on smaller projects around the studio and my garden over the weekend.

If you have been following me for a while, you are familiar with my #wildwomanportraits and the mixed media studies I have been creating to build up a portfolio. I completed Athena a couple of months ago, but needed a shrine to accompany her for the installation segment of my proposal.

Last week I was able to put together a sample to include in my submitted photographs. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be shooting vignettes for content marketing, setting up larger canvases and panels for new work, and completing my Patreon Profile and sample materials for promoting my tiers.

It has been a struggle to stay focused on art with the beautiful spring weather we have been having here in the Georgia Piedmont. Rather than taking an obsessive approach, I have been trying to follow my moods and split my time between activities. The garden, like art, is an ongoing process and will always be a major focus of my time.

I have been compromising somewhat by doing my writing in the garden when the weather allows. Consequently, I’m finally developing a schedule for posting and writing larger articles and proposals.

I hope you are well and making strides in your own creative pursuits. Please feel free to share your work or ask any questions in the comments.

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