Spring 2021 Update

I hope this newsletter finds you well. I had really been on a roll the last few weeks documenting new concepts, working on a Patreon profile, and preparing for new paintings. Something happened when the time changed and I got all out of sorts. It’s also the beginning of pollen season here in rural Georgia, so I’m just a little muddled and haven’t been very motivated. Perhaps you are feeling much the same.

Beatrice, the escape artist, had a grand time tearing up my emerging perennials until I figured out her trick.

Rather than ramble on, searching for the right words, I will leave you with a photo gallery of spring flowers and some of my recent projects. Hopefully my next newsletter will have more interesting content.

Early Spring Flowers

Wild violets, forsythia, and a weeping cherry

For the Birds

We have wrens in our gourd next to the front door for the second year in a row. I installed a new birdbath in the front cottage garden I am expanding this year, and I painted and hung a bluebird house out back by the chickens.

New Work

I have a deadline coming up to submit an exhibition proposal to a local gallery space, so I am making some samples of new installation concepts to accompany my Wild Woman Portraits. I’m hoping to start getting some public support for the project so I can reach a wider audience. A couple of weeks ago I stretched 4 canvases and mounted illustration board on 7 frames for mixed media as part of this submission. I’m hoping to complete a couple of more concepts before the deadline.

Online Show

I was accepted into an online show that ended on the 30th. No sale, but it was nice to be included in the show.
Back in September, I submitted my Wild Woman Concept to the South Arts Prize committee. Notifications were sent out this month and I didn’t win the award this year, but it was a great experience to sit down and write about my work in terms of a professional art prize submission. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to submit a larger body of work in this ongoing series.

Newly Completed Work

My newest #wildwomanportrait Phoenix Rising

Thank you so much for your support of my work. I look forward to sharing my new projects with you, hearing your thoughts, and providing you with opportunities to participate in future concept development. As spring unfolds here in the south, I am finding myself inspired to pursue new concepts and media in my work.

Do you have a concept you would like to share or a story you would like to tell? Please respond with your thoughts and become a collaborative partner for #wildwomanportraits.


Frances Byrd

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