Raven Commission Update, July 2020

Raven in Oil on Wood Panel
Commissioned Painting

As you can see, I am making steady progress on my current commissioned oil painting. At this stage, the imprimatura is completed and dry and I have blocked in the graphic representation of Crow Nation beadwork. This painting will be going to Montana when it is completed and my client is very interested in the culture of the indigenous tribes in the area.
This graphic element will be much more subtle as the subsequent layers are built up to represent the landscape behind the raven.

You may have noticed in previous posts that I keep several kinds of art journals. The one featured here is my painting journal. I use it to track process, layering techniques, and color mixing. I like to have a reference for how I created specific imagery and atmosphere in a painting so I don’t have to waste time recreating the process in future work.
It’s admittedly a bit neurotic, but I’m very detail oriented and still have very limited time to work on my art. Because I often have several paintings and other projects going at the same time, I try to streamline my process as much as possible.

I have commission deadlines and show submissions looming, so I have to cut this post short. I would love to hear what you think of my progress so far.
Do you keep track of your process in journals or sketchbooks? If so, do you have any particular techniques that you would like to share? Please feel free to post links in the comments if you keep a blog about your art.

2 thoughts on “Raven Commission Update, July 2020

  1. Awesome. I think the journaling is important. There is a wonderful Italian musical notation that speaks to other aspects of life in addition to giving tempo clues to a conductor and musicians. “Festina Lente” meaning literally “Haste Thee Slowly.” A reminder to keep up your pace but carefully and exactly.


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