Are you ever afraid of your own ideas?

Apparently I am, and it’s time to hold myself accountable.

I recently started a new art challenge to force myself to work on new techniques and make time for studies to flesh out existing projects. I let myself get discouraged by the first project because it didn’t turn out well and I started working on everything else in the studio except my project goals. I know the point of joining this art challenge is to work on process over perfection. Honestly, self-criticism and setting unrealistic goals, are my biggest struggles as an artist.
Earlier this week, I shook it off and started a study for my #wildwomanportrait series. By posting it here, I’m more accountable for working through it and moving on to the next concept in the series.

Do you ever struggle with trying to make everything you do look finished, and end up loosing inspiration in the process? Let’s help each other overcome this obstacle.

Work in Progress Photos

I would normally finish a drawing  like this completely before moving on, but I committed to the #summeratelier2020 in order to loosen up and commit more concepts to visual studies for new paintings. I know where I’m going with this wild woman portrait so it’s time to move on to a color sketch that captures the beautiful lighting and complementary contrast captured in my reference photos by Katie.
I think I will experiment with water color pencils for the next study in this series.
As you can see from my journal, I have lots of character concepts to develop. Check back over the next few weeks to see more of my progress on this project. If I can consistently put time into the concept drawings, I should be starting paintings in the fall.

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