Productive > Busy

This is going to be a short post, because I am on fire in my studio and I have several things going at the moment.

I haven’t written much lately because I have been focusing on making art first and that can become all consuming. My blog is neglected, my web page is incomplete, both are out of date – but I’m making art.

Commissioned Restaurant Sign

There was a time when my ‘lack of accomplishments’ – ticking items off a list – would have sent me into a fit of anxiety. I still have the list, but I am less concerned about things being completed on the schedule I have set.

I will always make art. I currently have a waiting list for commissions because I do all of the work myself. My clients understand. So really, what is there to stress about. Art is supposed to bring joy. Otherwise, it makes more sense to get a conventional job and a reliable pay check.

If you’re interested in daily updates on my studio, please follow me on social media. I am much more reliable in my postings there.



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