What Can You Expect When You Book a Photo Shoot With #wildwomanportraits

Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart and Katie Griffin @12gagephotography

Whether you book a #discoveryourwild, #staywild, or #sisterwild photo package, you will receive the utmost professionalism and attention to your individual concept. At #wildwomanportraits we (Katie and Frances) believe every woman is uniquely beautiful, strong, and inspiring. We use this perspective to help you tell your story through fine art photography and commissioned paintings in oil.

Our photo shoots help empower you by showing you how beautiful you are – let’s face it, we’re our own worst critics – by providing an outside perspective of a specific, highly considered moment in time. Our unique, individual Shred and Burn empowerment ceremony and Positivity Journaling kits give you the opportunity to focus on areas you want to improve, examine in depth, cope with, or develop further. We each have a unique life experience and self-examination is the first step in personal growth. We want you to thrive.

Behind the scenes at our November 2019 Launch Event
Photographer: Katie Griffin @12gagephotography
Model: Cate H.
Photo By: Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart

Our mini sessions are called ‘Discover Your Wild’ because we believe that each of you has a wild streak, whether blatantly and wholly embraced, or supressed by outside influences. We want to help you discover what empowers you and bring it to the surface of your daily existence.

Wild means something different for each of us. For me (Frances) it means putting on makeup, heels, and a polished outfit or going in the completely opposite direction and embracing my indigenous and celtic heritage.

For my creative partner, Katie, it means heading to her hunting land with bow and arrows during deer season or hiking in the woods, surrounded by nature. It will mean something entirely different and deeply personal to each of you.

Photo: Katie Griffin @12gagephotography
Model: Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart

Our private ‘Stay Wild’ shoots help you fully explore your personal vision of your inner wild, create a visual and written story based on your concept, and offer our Shred and Burn empowerment ceremony as a way to end your session with fully met intentions and a vision for how you want to move through the world more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

For those of you who have a community of wild women, or friends you want to help empower, we offer extended ‘Sister Wild’ group sessions that include our Shred and Burn empowerment ceremony, group and individual photo shoots, and a group Positivity Journaling session to help you visualize your goals and set healthy intentions for yourself. It is our hope that this opportunity will lead to further bonding within your group and shared accountability for your individual goals.

Photo: Katie Griffin @12gagephotography
Model: Frances Byrd @francesbyrdart

Being wild does not necessarily mean dancing naked around a bonfire in the woods – although we are open to capturing your vision regardless of specific costuming, or lack thereof. If your concept requires privacy, we can talk to you about options that will work for you. In the case of boudoir and unclothed shoots, you will need to book our private #staywild session.

Please follow this blog for future posts on how to prepare for your photo shoot or group event, as well as creative tips and insights. We see you #wildwoman, and we can’t wait to celebrate your beauty.

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3 thoughts on “What Can You Expect When You Book a Photo Shoot With #wildwomanportraits

  1. Bought some things for you guys. Small sculptures for props maybe: artist creates female spirits. I have an Owl goddess, a wisdom of women piece, an ANNOMITE woman. I have her 2020 calendar with other pics and much larger in the wild carvings. Lives in one of my favorite spots, Victoria BC. She sells on Etsy. Lsoon as I find a decent box. All the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Michael 🥰
      You are so kind.
      I was thinking of you this evening. I’m signing up for a reliquary class. I think there will be some pretty great concepts I can illustrate with that skillset.


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