Painting Commission: French Maran Rooster WIP Photos

As most of you know, I have been working on a commissioned oil painting for the last six months. It is not a project that would normally take quite this long, but I’m not in a position to paint full time just yet and there were a lot of family events over the holidays.
Overall, I have around 60 hours of work in it as I near completion.

Many of you have been following the daily updates on social media and asking questions or offering encouragement for the process and results of my painting as the piece developed. I am very grateful to all of you for your support. I thought I would start a series of blog posts on the painting with an overall album of development from start to finish.
As I have time, I will go back through feedback on social media and tailor posts to specific feedback or questions. Please feel free to ask questions here if you would like to see a post on a specific technique or area of the composition. I would love to have your feedback on the subsequent post subjects.

Once I finish the rooster’s feet this week, I will have to let the paint dry completely. The last step will be to varnish the painting to unify the appearance of the different pigment textures, as well as protect the painting. It will be hanging in the client’s kitchen, so I will be applying a double layer of varnish to ensure it is not damaged by cooking fumes or smoke.

After it is thoroughly dry, I will pack it and ship to its forever home in Virginia. I hope you have enjoyed the process of watching this piece of art develop.

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