Pinup Girls Rock

Last weekend, I had an amazing day out with my #wildwomanportrait partner and best friend, Katie Griffin. She’s also the extraordinary photographer behind 12 Gage Photography. Neither one of us is good at engaging in creative activities that are not also work, so I was really excited about this opportunity.

Makeup by Sweet Peach Pinups and Lady Longshot, Hair by Lady Longshot, Photo by Sweet Peach Pinups

I have always loved the pinup genre, but am not inherently feminine. Katie always looks like a million bucks, but was completely unfamiliar with hair and makeup for the shoot. It was very lovely to show up at Sawmill Farmstead for the day, in sweats, and have Ashley and Dallas host a girls’ day out. As field trips go, this one is at the top of my favorites – hot tea, cookies, charcuterie board, wine, two lovely and kind-hearted ladies, and a spectacular setting!

Ashley Rose, 1/2 of the Sweet Peach Pinups duo and owner of Sawmill Farmstead
Photo by 12 Gage Photography

Sweet Peach Pin Ups
Lady Longshot
Sawmill Farmstead

Wild Woman Portraits

Ladies, if you do nothing else for yourself in 2020, you have to put a Pinup Session with these fabulous ladies on your bucket list. I could not recommend them enough.

Dallas Kaiser, aka Lady Longshot and 1/2 of Sweet Peach Pinups
Photo by 12 Gage Photography

I will post more about this project and upcoming opportunities with these ladies when I get caught up on my commissions. For now, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all of you. Here’s a sneek peek at the photos I received from the shoot:

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