#wildwomanportraits Pre-Launch Concept Shoot

Katie @12gagephotography, and I have been getting lots of great feedback and questions about our Launch Event for the #wildwomanportrait concept we have developed. When I’m caught up in my creative element, I forget how awkward and self-conscious I can be in new situations. Some of our ladies voiced the same concerns, so I thought I would take a few minutes to elaborate on our concept and our mission statement.

Photo by Katie Griffin, copyright 12 Gage Photography 2019

Mission Statement

We believe in the hidden beauty and strength inherent in EVERY woman.

We don’t see you as a victim; incapable, or hysterical. We see you as a strong, compassionate, creative soul. Walk our path with us and learn how to see these things in yourself. You are only burdened by the world if you accept drudgery and judgement as your state in life. Choose empowerment. Choose self-confidence. Choose to shine.


Walk away from the burden of other people’s opinions of you. Walk away from their unreasonable expectations.

Walk away from your own judgement – of yourself and of others.

Walk away from victimhood.

Accept your unique beauty and value as being inherent in you as a person – they are.

Stop accepting the burden of being vanquished by small minds and petty comparisons.

Walk away from insecurity.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and others to yourself. Beauty is neither a race nor a competition.

Stop coveting what others have or judging what they lack.

Compliment them on their assets and achievements. Be proud of your own.

OWN and CELEBRATE who you are and what you can achieve.

Walk away from your insecurities.

Stop hiding under frumpy clothes and downcast eyes.

Find what flatters you and stand confident – look the world in the eyes.

Walk away from judgement and regret. Walk away from the burden of societal expectations.

Embrace your talents, beauty, and intelligence. Embrace a journey of personal discovery and self-empowerment.

Don’t just dream of a world that accepts imperfections, unconventional beauty, and strong personalities – realize it. Encourage the women in your life who aren’t there yet – change doesn’t come from complaining about a problem or waiting for someone ‘stronger’ to make a place for you. Change comes from taking positive action for yourself and lifting up others who struggle more or are in a worse position than you.

Take responsibility for the life you want. Make the hard choices to achieve your goals – invest in your health and happiness. Shred your insecurities and negativity.

Join us on OUR personal journey to repair or discard the broken as needed, and embrace the potential for so much more – from ourselves and from the rest of the world.

Katie Griffin, 12 Gage Photography
Frances Byrd, Frances Byrd Art

Throne and Crowns, Photo copyright 12 Gage Photography, 2019

#wildwomanlaunch Event

November 17th is quickly approaching and many of you have questions about what you should wear for your photo. We chose to have a theme of Queen for this event. As you can see from our photos, you will have two options for crowns.

You should make every effort between now and the event to cultivate your persona for your photos – we are helping you tell YOUR story after all. Go through your closets, pull out some options, and spend time with yourself. What is most flattering on you? What is your favorite color or favorite outfit? What makes your husband or partner light up when you walk into the room?
I am working on some accessories and will share a few things from my closet, but I have not had the opportunity to conduct a client interview with you to really dig into your personality. Be daring – you will be amazed at the woman looking back at you from your photo.

Don’t go out and buy anything unless you really want to. We have a beautiful traditional crown with rhinestones and I made a headdress for the savage queens among us. No Halloween costumes please – you will understand why when you get to the event. This is outside the box because none of you are cut and paste.
Some costumes and props won’t be comfortable – but they will look fabulous! You will probably be cold. You’re tough, and I will bring blankets for you while you are queued up. The farmhouse has heat, so you won’t be uncomfortable long. Of course, I will have a schedule based on your order of arrival.

The Location

If you are attending, you already have all of the location and time information. If you have additional questions feel free to ask here or email: frances@libertasamericanaart.com
You will know you have arrived because you will see a giant dragon at the edge of the first driveway. Slow down and look for the directional signs. We will be parking on the other side of the farmhouse. There will be a sign-in area near the dragon where you will receive a welcome packet and liability waiver. If I am not present, message me and I will come over. I’m going to be managing the property and stretched thin once we get rolling. Your patience is appreciated.

You will be directed into the farmhouse if you need to change, have hair and makeup applied by our cosmetologist, use the restroom, and stay warm while you wait. Please mingle with the other ladies and don’t be shy – we’re going to have to treat the photography studio like a locker room so there is not a line for the restroom. We’re all big girls here. You’re welcome to come in your outfit also, of course.
Jessie will be set up in the living room ready to help anyone who needs hair and makeup assistance. She graciously offered to drive from Cornelia to do this for us, so please be patient if there is a long line. We strongly suggest arriving at noon if you are changing or having makeup and hair assistance.

We will finish taking photos promptly at five in order to conduct a closing ceremony and offer tea and snacks. We have a mini shredder and a fire pit that we will be using to rid ourselves of personal insecurities and negative judgments from others. You are not required to participate, but you will be surprised how great it feels to burn those nasty little buggers and throw them on a fire. I will post a video tomorrow of me and Katie testing out the concept after our event rehearsal this week.
Thank you for reading all the way to the end. Here’s a sample album of our shoot in Katie’s back yard.

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