October 2019 Studio Update

I have been offline most of the last couple of weeks attending business seminars, interviewing venues for the #wildwomanlaunch event, and coordinating projects with fellow artists in my community. Today, I am posting a collection of photos from current studio projects to summarize what I have in progress on my easels and drafting desk.

Commissions Journal and Sketches

Several years ago, the mom of two young children I gave art lessons gifted me a beautiful red journal with an embossed cover. I am using it to track my commissions now that I have a waiting list for projects. This way, I can have all of my notes in one place, on my drafting table, and flip through as I transition from one project to another.
If you take commissions, do you have a system for tracking projects?

Thistle Drawing

As sometimes happens with one of my regular clients, a preliminary concept will become a commissioned project. I posted this preliminary sketch of a thistle flower when I started working on my branding concept. I was asked by a client to add color and frame the sketch, so I am currently in the process of meeting that request.

Barred Owl Study

As soon as the stars dry, I can start making significant progress on my barred owl. The sky should go quickly, leaving the bulk of the work in capturing color and details in the feathers.
Because the white pigments take the longest to dry, it may be the end of next week before I can work more on this painting.

Rooster Commission

Earlier this week, I completed the value study for the underpainting on this ongoing project. It has taken longer than anticipated to get to this point because of a hectic schedule, but the final layers should go much more quickly.
If you paint in oils, do you have a process for underpainting, or do you work up colors and composition as you paint?

As you can see, my branding design came together this week in the form of a color concept sketch. I’m now ready to start working on the horizontal design for web media.

My Studio Assistant

This is Malcolm. He’s my faithful English Setter and studio assistant. As you can see here, he keeps me on schedule and supervises all work on the computer.

Finally, we come to the behind-the-scenes work that goes undocumented online most days. I have been working very closely with @12gagephotography for the last year on a concept for photography packages, art and female empowerment retreats, and fine art portraiture based on a #wildwoman concept.
We are very close to our official Launch Party and I am currently finalizing all of our content marketing and business documents. This is going to be an exciting project that we can’t wait to share with you.

2 thoughts on “October 2019 Studio Update

  1. I know I asked you for a sketch of the dogwood, white instead of red. Would you also make me one of the thistle like here…I love what you are doing. You may frame or I can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can do anything you like Michael. I will message you privately to work out the details. Thank you for your enthusiasm and support for my art.


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