On the Easel: Rooster Commission and Barred Owl Study

Rooster Commission

I finally got back to work on this painting today. I have all of the darkest tones laid in and most of the mid-dark tones as well. I will start on the highlights next and assess whether or not I need to adjust any of the values before allowing it to dry completely.

Once I reach that point, I will begin mixing the colors for the back and middle grounds and begin the final layers of the painting.

Barred Owl Study

I took more of an illustrative approach to this painting. As you can see, I’m not as far along on it as I am with the rooster. It may be a few days before I make more progress on it.

I am starting a series of bird studies that I will try to complete quickly rather than concentrating on details like I would normally do with a painting. These birds will be featured in greater detail later, as symbols in the #wildwomanportrait series I am starting next.

In addition to adding the highlights the next time I work on this one, I also plan to look up some more reference photos. The eyes were almost black in the one I used to start this painting because they were in dark shadow, but I don’t like the way they are flattened out and overly dark.

Finishing Out the Year

As you can see here, I am starting to add personal projects to my goals and working on multiple projects simultaneously. This can be a little stressful because it takes longer to complete each of them, but it also allows me to have something to paint every time I can be in the studio because something is usually dry enough for me to work on it.

Do you prefer to work on individual projects until they are completed, or juggle multiple projects for efficiency?

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