New Branding Preview

In the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of reading about personal branding and content marketing. As I slog through articles, take notes, and try not to feel overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the tasks ahead of me, I am also working on sketches for my personal brand.

This is just a quick marker rendering that I started today to get a feel for a concept I have been working on for a few weeks. I have a vertical design laid out right now because I am getting a sleeve started as soon as I find a tattoo artist who is willing to reproduce my concept in ink.

Next, I will work out a simple ink drawing in a horizontal format that I will test out on my web page, here on the blog, and across all of my social media platforms. If I still like it after a couple of months, I will create a small painting that will take its place as my permanent header across all of my formats.

None of this is particularly intuitive for me and I do not enjoy graphic design at all. However, it is important for establishing a professional presence and marketing my work. Since I am in no position to pay someone to do the work for me, I am learning to do it myself.

As an artist, do you find it difficult to manage the marketing and online promotion for your art?
If not, how do you streamline the process?

Color Sketch Update, October 15

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