Photos from Friends: Blue Montana Skies

Somewhere in Montana …

Photos By Michael Prescott **All photos are property of the artist credited and are being used here with full permission. Making copies or downloading images is not permitted**

Photos from Friends

Over the years I’ve been sharing my art and writing on social media, I have made several friends who have supported my art in different ways. Some I have met in person over the years, others I’ve spoken to on the phone. I have a pen pal in Oregon and several friends who are photographers. Some have given me permission to use their photos as reference as I see things I can use, others like Michael send me photos from time to time.

Michael recently returned to Montana from a L.A. and has been sending me photos from his daily hikes. As you can see, there is fire damage on several of the trees. They are going to make a wonderful backdrop to the figures in my #wildwoman portrait series.

As an artist with training as an illustrator, I have a preference for dramatic photos that tell a visual story. I’m not a particularly good photographer myself, but I do make use of a camera for reference photos and blog posts.

I haven’t been inspired to paint plein aire myself yet, but I am putting together a portable art kit to give it a try in the fall. My husband recently shared the concept of gravel riding with me and a link to an artist who takes a sketchbook on his rides. I will share the concept in a separate post soon and link to that artist’s work.

Do you have a favorite subject for photography or painting?

2 thoughts on “Photos from Friends: Blue Montana Skies

  1. Wonderful. All great plans. Love the photos. Montana and the Idaho Panhandle are spectacular. What is gravel riding? Back roads?

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    1. Yes, gravel riding involves back roads. You park the car on a back road, take the bikes out, and ride through the country. My husband wants to start bouldering also, which doesn’t interest me, but it gives me an opportunity to go out in the woods. I will make sketches, take reference photos, and make small paintings while he is climbing.


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