Paper Quilting Projects

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new art I have been making for my next art show. I will have a post on this blog about my misadventures with my vintage sewing machine when the dust settles in my studio.
I’m really looking forward to unpacking my sewing supplies and fabric stash and getting started on my sewing journey. I want to make my own clothes, and this is the first step in learning how to use my machine. I hope you will follow me on my journey and share your sewing adventures with me.

Libertas Americana Art

I recently dusted off my vintage Kenmoor sewing machine and started using it to make small quilted flowers for an upcoming fine craft market. These mixed media projects are more like applique in their construction, but I find quilting rolls off the tongue a bit more nicely. When I have time to experiment, I think I will pick up some nice handmade papers that feel more like fabric and use their flexibility to put them together in a more traditional quilting style.

This concept is not my original idea. In fact, I have been admiring some pretty interesting art over the years that has utilized stitching to add linear interest to mixed media work. This show gave me the opportunity to try out my own ideas on a smaller scale and I hope to use it as a launching point for more intentional use of my sewing machine moving forward.

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