Life isn’t always Instagram ready

I love social media. Tools like Instagram and Facebook have the amazing capability to connect us instantly on a global scale and enable us to form connections with people we would never have the opportunity to meet in person.

It can also bog you down in a constant struggle to keep up and look perfect for every post. I recently found myself feeling overwhelmed and inadequate as an artist because so many of the blogs and accounts I follow are polished and beautiful. I had to sit myself down and remind myself that my main focus is making the art and promoting it is a necessary evil.

Don’t take that the wrong way. I understand the importance of branding and actually enjoy making my photos and graphics look polished when I have time. I do not enjoy the amount of time these tasks eat up or the compulsion to have everything look perfect and professional all of the time.

I applaud the artists who can maintain a polished page and find a great deal of inspiration from their work. I also see people getting bogged down in the process and losing grasp of their own art. Life isn’t a beauty contest or reality show. While professionalism is important, your art and life are more important. Share them with the world when inspiration hits, even if it means you don’t have time to stage the perfect photo shoot or put on your makeup. And for goodness sake, stop worrying about which filter to use!

Do you have a pet-peeve to share? Navigating the world can be difficult and sometimes it feels good to vent. My next article is going to be on the topic of the Mean Girls culture. Feel free to share your thoughts or frustrations in the comments.

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